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Empowered Women Empower Women

I believe in the power of a confident woman! Whether it's helping you look your best, obtaining the skills to run your own beauty consultant business, or through positive relationships-everything I strive to do is about making you feel important! When a woman finds her confidence, she is capable of ANYTHING-including taking risks to find her life's true calling. I hope you enjoy my site!

Successful people are ordinary people with extra-ordinary determination

-Mary Kay Ash

Why high achieving women choose to start a Mary Kay business


You have the opportunity to earn the use of a Chevy Malibu, Chevy Equinox, Chevy Traverse, Chevy Colorado, Camero or the prestigious pink Cadillac! When you earn a MK car, Mary Kay covers your tax, title, license, and a portion of your car insurance!

What would you do with the savings from not having a car payment?


What could flexibility do for your family? Women in Mary Kay have the opportunity to advance/promote themselves at their own pace with no quotas while holding strong to their values and beliefs. I teach some classic time management strategies so you can fit everything in. It's rewarding to see women with a lot going on find the balance that is right for their goals and family.


Women in Mary Kay enjoy a 50% commission made from selling the products as well as team-building commissions, bonuses & extra perks. You can make a "side hustle" income, full time income, or "just a little extra"-it's totally up to you!


When you start your Mary Kay business, you get a sisterhood of women to cheer you on, support you, and believe in you-even if you don't believe in yourself. The women you meet in Mary Kay are the most authentic, kind, no-drama friends you will ever have! We also choose to attend fun events and conferences together!


Women in Mary Kay enjoy what Mary Kay Ash referred to as "Cinderella Prizes." Monthly, quarterly and annual prizes range from Kate Spade purses to trips, diamonds and cash! You can choose something fun, or take the cash and create an experience for those you love.


There is unlimited training for both new and seasoned beauty consultants. From make up and product knowledge to business management and building a customer base, school is never out for the pro! There are tons of resources available to beauty consultants on this website, our company/consultant website, in person, and over the phone-I help customize something for you based on your goals and needs.


Imagine being rewarded for your hard work. Women in Mary Kay get to do quality work that stretches and grows them into stronger people. Women find it's also very rewarding when they empower other women. It also gives you a space to unleash your competative side and WIN alongside other women WINNING. You'll learn about yourself and how to run a business along the way.

Tax Benefits

Women in Mary Kay are small business owners and have the privilege of taking advantage of over 33 tax deductions from owning a home-based business. Don't worry, you need an accounting or business degree to figure it all out, I provide simple strategies to make this workable for anyone!

Want to know if a business like this is for you?

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